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Hanns Horse Care

You can be assured that your horses will be well cared for and treated like they are our own.

Your horses comfort, safety and transport experience are at the forefront of our thoughts at all times. Horses who are tentative are given the opportunity to have a good look and a sniff, rather than being pressured too quickly. During travel every horse is monitored constantly via multiple CCTV cameras. At rest stops horses have secure, separate accommodation and fed quality roughage.

They are checked upon regularly and have someone present at all times.

We also take driving skill very seriously. How a horse feels after travelling, can be affected greatly by the smoothness of the driver. Having a big flash truck is not enough; having the skill to drive smoothly in every situation is essential. A horse who is being unbalanced by every gear change, braking application and corner is in the worst possible scenario. We recognise and understand the external forces affecting a horses posture and balance, and drive with this knowledge at all times.

We pride ourselves on the best in-transit care available.


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