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Interstate horse transport is our specialty, and we do it well...but there are factors that you should consider before transporting a horse interstate or over extended distances. This information is focused towards long haul trips but is applicable to anyone preparing a horse for transport.

  • Ensure the horses feet are in good condition, this maximises comfort while standing for long periods (try not to trim/shoe etc right before transport).

  • Decrease grain and increase roughage to minimise the horse travelling with excess energy.

  • If the horse is young, it needs to have been handled before an interstate journey. Some basic float training and tie-up lesson also goes a long way to minimising stress on the horse.​

  • The horse should be in good health...many cases of ‘travel sickness’ result from a pre-existing issue of some kind (whether you know of it or not). The act of floating a horse - in itself - is not really the root cause of illness, but a trigger for symptoms.

If the trip requires overnight stop/s, we will feed quality roughage and provide plentiful fresh water. Consumption levels of both will be noted. Every horse will have quality, separate accommodation and be observed regularly.

Our travellers will never spend excessive hours on the truck. Horses are very resilient animals but pushing their limits is not an option we entertain. Of course we have distance to cover, but a combination of skilled driving, modern vehicles and sufficient breaks will ensure each horse finishes its journey as comfortable and fresh as possible.

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